Monday, 9 May 2016

Just Like Trains!

Well it's May already and lots seems to be happening.

The major things for the moment are two magazine shoots.

First there is the main shoot in the brand new kinkStyle Magazine. It was an honour to pose for the first featured shoot in the magazine. It's available on so you will have to sign up, but if you have Facebook or Google+ this is easy enough.

Second, I did a shoot for the June issue of Playhouse Magazine as the Guest Porn Star, so keep an eye out for that, coming out in the final week of this month.

In other news, the views on my photos just keep going up, with my top viewed photo now seen by over 4,300 people. That is so amazing to me. Thank you all so much.

I have 500 followers coming up as well which has just blown me away, you all rock.

I'll do my best to do another out-takes blog soon, till then...


<3 Terri.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

April Update!

Oh wow, I have been so busy IRL that I haven't had time to update here, so....

What's happened since my last posting?

Lots actually.

As promised Terri let out her inner barbarian and appeared in the March issue of Busted as the film character Red Sonja. It was a lot of fun and I thank Bee for doing such a wonder shoot.

I also got a chance to appear on a movie poster for Chanel's the adult theater in Whoreville, thanks to Erin for this shoot.

We are well in to the Second Edition Porn*Stars Deck, which you can find here. If you haven't seen the 1st Edition Deck, then it can be found Here.

The other major news is that over the last month I have been working hard with Racheal Rexen to write, and star in what will be her fourth film.We just finished filming yesterday and she already has it up. so here it is.....

Finally, if that wasn't enough, here to keep you going are a few of my shots that didn't make it as the final shot. Enjoy.

<3 Terri

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Taste of what's happening....

Wow, so a lot...

Sorry I haven't been as good as I should have been with my posts, but life, you know how it is.

So, what is happening in Terri World?

First a huge thanks to everyone that follows and views my Flickr, we're well on the way to 400 followers, and now at over 300,000 views with the most viewed photo ticking on close to 3,000 by itself. I am absolutely stunned by this and all the rest of the things happening that seem just too amazing to be true.

My photo, The Beach was selected for Picture of the Day by SL Afterdark, what a huge honour...

I finished up the Porn*Stars Playing Card Deck and will start shooting the second one in two weeks, so watch out for that

50 Cowgirls is a new project and will be on going throughout this year, these are all released on Sundays.

PJ Thornton took a few of her own snaps as we did her shoot at Kaymee's Coconut Island , so here are her versions of Cowgirl #3

Outside of those shoots, I have done shoots with Athena, Brea BriannaCandy Kane, Severina, and Cream Release, and there are more duo shots to come, both the naughty and the artistic, so keep an eye out for those. :)

Here are some of the alternate shots from those shoots, the ones that didn't make it.

And just release, my second staring role and first title in a XXX Movie, A Taste of Terri, has been released by Dog Star Productions.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for March's Busted Magazine. I can't tell you much, but Terri will be featured as a Movie Character. She's hot, she's tough, and doesn't take anything from anyone, and of course, she's a redhead. Remember to take a look at the issue to find out who I'll be shooting as. :)

<3 Terri