Monday, 9 May 2016

Just Like Trains!

Well it's May already and lots seems to be happening.

The major things for the moment are two magazine shoots.

First there is the main shoot in the brand new kinkStyle Magazine. It was an honour to pose for the first featured shoot in the magazine. It's available on so you will have to sign up, but if you have Facebook or Google+ this is easy enough.

Second, I did a shoot for the June issue of Playhouse Magazine as the Guest Porn Star, so keep an eye out for that, coming out in the final week of this month.

In other news, the views on my photos just keep going up, with my top viewed photo now seen by over 4,300 people. That is so amazing to me. Thank you all so much.

I have 500 followers coming up as well which has just blown me away, you all rock.

I'll do my best to do another out-takes blog soon, till then...


<3 Terri.

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