Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Holidays 2015

With Christmas around the corner I thought I better take a break from my busy schedule for some updates.

I have amazing people as fans. I now have four images with over 2,000 view, isn't that so amazing, I can not believe it. More so, I have over a hundred images with 1,000 views or more. I am totally and continuously amazed by this. In total I am close to having 200,000 views of all images!

I also now have over 300 fans following me on Flickr too, so thank you all you amazing people.

On top of that I am now have a number of images that have surpassed 50 favs, and one that is over 75, so for those that fav'ed my images, thank you.

So news time...I do have a few new projects happening soon, which I'll talk more about in the new year.

I am hoping to get the Photo Shoot with Sandy Simms, the winner of my Fan Contest, soon and have that up in the new year.

Empire Part 2 was released today, which was my first XXX-Rated video, even though it's taken a bit to get out. Yes, I'm just an extra with about 26 secs of screen time starting at 4:44, but it was my first part.

So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa, Yule, or just a good time off, have a great holiday and New Year and enjoy these out-takes.

<3 Terri

Looking Sexy for Christmas in the studio
First Attempt at Fishing on the Porn*Stars beach
Cumming at the Porn*Stars Beach Pool

Just a test shot to see if it was possible to edit a sex scene with yourself
My version of Erin's ornament shot.
A bit washed out in the dark for a Sunday nude
First attempt at Diving In
An attempt at working out at the Lesbian Health and Fitness Island gym
Another attempt at a full body work out at the Lesbian Health and Fitness Island gym
Merry Christmas all
And to all a good night!

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  1. Happy Holidays, Terri :-) And thank you for the great work, I look forward to see your new ones in 2016 *hugs*