Monday, 30 November 2015

Final Call...

With the prize give away to celebrate 200 about to be coming to an end (only 4 followers needed to get to 250) this is the final call for anyone that wants to be in for the chance of having an almost no holds barred photo shoot with Terri. That's right, she gets to be a puppet in your hands, and you can do anything you like (within certain boundaries) in the shoot. So if you have a fantasy you want to share with a red head porn star, make sure you're in to be the one that wins.

Entry is easy, just link this link and join Terri's in world Fan Club, it's that easy, so just do it. :)

You'll also get exclusive giveaways, pictures, news, and more be being part of the group.

So let's have some fun, I'll be waiting....


Waiting for you!


  1. awww linky no worky but talk soon k !!

    1. Make sure you are logged into Second Life, it will try and open the group information directly in your viewer. :)