Tuesday, 27 October 2015

1K! Time to Relax and Celebrate!

I have had my first 1K viewed image when Sunset06 hit the magical number of 1,000 views. Wow.

I want to thank everyone that checked it out.

In the past few weeks I have been amazed at the numbers of people coming to look at my work.

Currently I have...

Seven images with 500-599 views
Nine images with 600-699 views
Four images with 700-799 views
Two images with 800-899 views
One image with over 1,000 views.

To celebrate this passing of a milestone, I thought I would share with everyone the evolution of my most currently favoured image, How to Relax After the Party. (Currently at 42 favs)

In creating the image I had started out with the pose and decided that I wanted to shoot it on a black background. A quickly made wall half box became my portable studio by setting the walls and floor to black, and then I shot the pose.

This shot seemed a little barren, and I knew that it needed more. I had the champagne glass from a previous shoot where I had tried it and the abandoned the idea, but adding it did start to give life to the situation.

With something more needed I decided to add the tablet to make it look like Terri had been surfing the web. This is what I call the R16-Rated version of the shot.

The final touches came with making the image a lot more suggestive. As the FLECHA Sculpted and mesh tablet is full perms and came with several textures, I was able to modify one of the textures to edit a webpage with Doki's image, Self Satisfaction, on to it and then add it to the tablet.

The UD Rabbit Vibrator was a final touch that just balanced the final image out, and added totally to the suggestive nature of it to lead the viewer in a direction of exactly what Terri had been doing to relax.

<3 Terri

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