Sunday, 18 October 2015

Up and Coming News

Hi all,

Well what's new? There are a few things being talked about, shoots with other stars, you hopefully already saw the Volleyball shoot with Partee, and I have some others lined up with some of the hottest Stars on SL. I will let you all know more about those when they are closer to happening.

Volleyball is close to being the most favoured of all my images, and I'll post a making of it in the next few days.

The biggest news is that I'm nearly at 100 followers on Flickr which is certainly a huge milestone for me. :) To celebrate this, I have a few things planned, though I'm not releasing these until the 100 is hit, so do keep on watching and giving me those favs, and if you aren't following me yet and you want to, click the follow button, it's not that hard. :)

<3 Terri

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