Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Road Not Taken

There are often times that I take pictures at a location to see how they come out, or take multiple shots at a location, and most of them just never make the final cut. Here are a number of my until now unpublished shots that didn't make it into my Flickr albums for various reasons. Some of them I do really like, but they just didn't quite have the special something I wanted, or they are good enough shots but not as good as the image that was my final choice to post.


<3 Terri

Dancing up a storm at the Forced Fuck Porn Studio in Raindown

Angel Wings Swing. I loved this idea, but I could never get the hands,
the wings and the monk ghosts all perfect in the single shot.
Shot at The KingDoom of Darkness

Another KingDoom of Darkness shot. I am going to have to save up for an animation
modifier because while I loved this shot, with the leg in the swing, it was ruined.

One of my shots for Back to the Future Day. I decided that it didn't
have the right angle on the car for the final shot.
Although most people wouldn't even notice it, in this shot Terri's head is a little
too far forward, so it was rejected for the final shot.

This shot from The Sirens Gulf just didn't have the right angles for me, even though
the clown's position could be considered scarier then the final shot.

I was playing around with some of the filters in Firestorm for this shoot at Whispering Winds.
I didn't quite like the enhancement on this shot, though ironically, the final shot has
 Terri's eyes closed....Oops.

I loved this archway on Skye Falls so much I took a number of different poses in front of it, but then had to choose which of them to use. As much as I loved this pose, it didn't make it.

Also taken at Skye Falls, this was a test shot for timing and position.It clearly
shows everything the tree's shadow tends to darken in the final shot.
I really wanted to do something really out of the box for me and naughty.
I think with these shots I succeeded.

Saying goodbye to Doki was really hard. Those we only meet the once for a shoot, I had chatted with her over IMs a bit and gotten to know her a little. I wish it could have been more. This shot from Porn*Stars Beach was discarded in favour of far better and soul rendering final shot.

I created my own pose for this shoot and wanted to try and show off a little bit. I did like this side shoot that was taken on the Pleasure station 69 / U.F.O Abduction the SexXxperience Sim, but in the end when for the more direct head on shot.

Playing with Shadows and light. I wasn't quite happy with this one compared to the final shot, but it did have it's own loveliness, so I wanted to post it for you to enjoy,

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