Friday, 23 October 2015

Doing Duos

I have been trying to get a few more Duo pictures done recently. So far there have been the Music Box with Adele, Volleyball with Partee, Back to the Future with Racheal, and Last Shoot with Dokie. I am trying to get a few more sorted out and well hopefully post when I do. :)

I thought I'd write a little more about doing these because, other than the Music Box, each shoot had it difficulties.

Music Box

I love working with Adele, she is such a sweetheart. This shoot when with few hitches. We did it at the great Image Essentials Photo Studio. Adele came over, we did the poses, took to the shots and it was done. I think I could have done them better knowing more as I do now, but I still like these. They needed a touch of work post shot, but not much.


I had this one well and truly in my head before starting it, and having found the two perfect poses and the perfect setting, I was ready. Only trouble, the location, Strofades, was no scrip and no rez, and the afraid pose that Partee had was only usable as an no modify pose ball. Argggh. In the end we shot the picture on a different sim, TT - Sports, and used a screen behind us so I could shoot the original sim's background, which was then edited in behind us making it appear that we were on the original court. :)

Back to The Future

This was almost a spur of the moment shoot idea created by finding a cheap time machine DeLorean DMC-12 on the marketplace as Racheal Rexen and I chatted about what to shoot. Coupled with a poster from Back to the Future II, we had a shot. The Poses were created ourselves, Racheal using the Animare Pose & Animation System and me using the QAvimator program. Once we had the poses sorted we had to get the set up right, and I needed to add my pose to a pose ball, resulting in the weirdest reaction I have ever seen in SL, my whole upper body rotating about my torso where the ball was located. Finally changing scripts I was able to get a better and more stable ball, and we did the shoot at Mew's Place, Woohoo.

Last Shoot

I was greatly privileged to be the last person that Doki Doobie did a shoot for and with. Almost my twin in the industry, I was captivated by this woman from the first time I saw her work, and wanted to pose with her for a long time. That we managed it in her last hour in Second Life was a thrill and I loved working with her. She'll be greatly missed. Sharp eyed people might have noticed that these images weren't the first I had with Doki, when I snuck one of my favourites of her into another image recently. We started the shoot at Skye Falls, which is an absolutely stunning beach island, but after a crash, we had to finish up back at Porn*Stars Plaza Beach. After I has taken the great shot of us holding hands against the sunset I snapped a few more at different angles just to see how they went. It was looking through them afterwards that I realised that one of the more casual shots was the one I was going to use, it just had so much emotion in it, Terri reaching out to Doki in a vain attempt to get her to remain as Doki looks back at the viewer her eyes and face telling the story of her leaving .It was a great pleasure to work with her, a d she'll be sadly missed by us all.

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