Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Road Not Taken

There are often times that I take pictures at a location to see how they come out, or take multiple shots at a location, and most of them just never make the final cut. Here are a number of my until now unpublished shots that didn't make it into my Flickr albums for various reasons. Some of them I do really like, but they just didn't quite have the special something I wanted, or they are good enough shots but not as good as the image that was my final choice to post.


<3 Terri

Dancing up a storm at the Forced Fuck Porn Studio in Raindown

Angel Wings Swing. I loved this idea, but I could never get the hands,
the wings and the monk ghosts all perfect in the single shot.
Shot at The KingDoom of Darkness

Another KingDoom of Darkness shot. I am going to have to save up for an animation
modifier because while I loved this shot, with the leg in the swing, it was ruined.

One of my shots for Back to the Future Day. I decided that it didn't
have the right angle on the car for the final shot.
Although most people wouldn't even notice it, in this shot Terri's head is a little
too far forward, so it was rejected for the final shot.

This shot from The Sirens Gulf just didn't have the right angles for me, even though
the clown's position could be considered scarier then the final shot.

I was playing around with some of the filters in Firestorm for this shoot at Whispering Winds.
I didn't quite like the enhancement on this shot, though ironically, the final shot has
 Terri's eyes closed....Oops.

I loved this archway on Skye Falls so much I took a number of different poses in front of it, but then had to choose which of them to use. As much as I loved this pose, it didn't make it.

Also taken at Skye Falls, this was a test shot for timing and position.It clearly
shows everything the tree's shadow tends to darken in the final shot.
I really wanted to do something really out of the box for me and naughty.
I think with these shots I succeeded.

Saying goodbye to Doki was really hard. Those we only meet the once for a shoot, I had chatted with her over IMs a bit and gotten to know her a little. I wish it could have been more. This shot from Porn*Stars Beach was discarded in favour of far better and soul rendering final shot.

I created my own pose for this shoot and wanted to try and show off a little bit. I did like this side shoot that was taken on the Pleasure station 69 / U.F.O Abduction the SexXxperience Sim, but in the end when for the more direct head on shot.

Playing with Shadows and light. I wasn't quite happy with this one compared to the final shot, but it did have it's own loveliness, so I wanted to post it for you to enjoy,

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

1K! Time to Relax and Celebrate!

I have had my first 1K viewed image when Sunset06 hit the magical number of 1,000 views. Wow.

I want to thank everyone that checked it out.

In the past few weeks I have been amazed at the numbers of people coming to look at my work.

Currently I have...

Seven images with 500-599 views
Nine images with 600-699 views
Four images with 700-799 views
Two images with 800-899 views
One image with over 1,000 views.

To celebrate this passing of a milestone, I thought I would share with everyone the evolution of my most currently favoured image, How to Relax After the Party. (Currently at 42 favs)

In creating the image I had started out with the pose and decided that I wanted to shoot it on a black background. A quickly made wall half box became my portable studio by setting the walls and floor to black, and then I shot the pose.

This shot seemed a little barren, and I knew that it needed more. I had the champagne glass from a previous shoot where I had tried it and the abandoned the idea, but adding it did start to give life to the situation.

With something more needed I decided to add the tablet to make it look like Terri had been surfing the web. This is what I call the R16-Rated version of the shot.

The final touches came with making the image a lot more suggestive. As the FLECHA Sculpted and mesh tablet is full perms and came with several textures, I was able to modify one of the textures to edit a webpage with Doki's image, Self Satisfaction, on to it and then add it to the tablet.

The UD Rabbit Vibrator was a final touch that just balanced the final image out, and added totally to the suggestive nature of it to lead the viewer in a direction of exactly what Terri had been doing to relax.

<3 Terri

Friday, 23 October 2015

Doing Duos

I have been trying to get a few more Duo pictures done recently. So far there have been the Music Box with Adele, Volleyball with Partee, Back to the Future with Racheal, and Last Shoot with Dokie. I am trying to get a few more sorted out and well hopefully post when I do. :)

I thought I'd write a little more about doing these because, other than the Music Box, each shoot had it difficulties.

Music Box

I love working with Adele, she is such a sweetheart. This shoot when with few hitches. We did it at the great Image Essentials Photo Studio. Adele came over, we did the poses, took to the shots and it was done. I think I could have done them better knowing more as I do now, but I still like these. They needed a touch of work post shot, but not much.


I had this one well and truly in my head before starting it, and having found the two perfect poses and the perfect setting, I was ready. Only trouble, the location, Strofades, was no scrip and no rez, and the afraid pose that Partee had was only usable as an no modify pose ball. Argggh. In the end we shot the picture on a different sim, TT - Sports, and used a screen behind us so I could shoot the original sim's background, which was then edited in behind us making it appear that we were on the original court. :)

Back to The Future

This was almost a spur of the moment shoot idea created by finding a cheap time machine DeLorean DMC-12 on the marketplace as Racheal Rexen and I chatted about what to shoot. Coupled with a poster from Back to the Future II, we had a shot. The Poses were created ourselves, Racheal using the Animare Pose & Animation System and me using the QAvimator program. Once we had the poses sorted we had to get the set up right, and I needed to add my pose to a pose ball, resulting in the weirdest reaction I have ever seen in SL, my whole upper body rotating about my torso where the ball was located. Finally changing scripts I was able to get a better and more stable ball, and we did the shoot at Mew's Place, Woohoo.

Last Shoot

I was greatly privileged to be the last person that Doki Doobie did a shoot for and with. Almost my twin in the industry, I was captivated by this woman from the first time I saw her work, and wanted to pose with her for a long time. That we managed it in her last hour in Second Life was a thrill and I loved working with her. She'll be greatly missed. Sharp eyed people might have noticed that these images weren't the first I had with Doki, when I snuck one of my favourites of her into another image recently. We started the shoot at Skye Falls, which is an absolutely stunning beach island, but after a crash, we had to finish up back at Porn*Stars Plaza Beach. After I has taken the great shot of us holding hands against the sunset I snapped a few more at different angles just to see how they went. It was looking through them afterwards that I realised that one of the more casual shots was the one I was going to use, it just had so much emotion in it, Terri reaching out to Doki in a vain attempt to get her to remain as Doki looks back at the viewer her eyes and face telling the story of her leaving .It was a great pleasure to work with her, a d she'll be sadly missed by us all.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Celebrating 100

Celebrating 100 Followers with a Relaxing Bath
A few days ago I noted that I was close to 100 Followers on Flickr and now thanks to you all, I have passed that. I said that I had some special plans for when I reached 100 so here they are...

First there is the image above to celebrate the 100th follower. Second, I have created a fan autograph, so if you see me about Second Life and want your own Terri Picture, just ask me and I'll fire you one. Third and finally I have created the Official Terri Topliss Fan Club Group. If you are a member of Second life and want to join then follow the link above,it is free to join up. As more people join I'll send out exclusive pictures through the Group as well, so membership will have its privileges.

At the time of this posting my Flickr has...

113 Photos
869 Favorites clicked
25,846 Views of pictures and Albums

Thanks for the support so far and I hope you'll stay with me as we continue to ride the roller coaster!

<3 Terri

Sunday, 18 October 2015

In a Dungeon

This is a series of photos that I have never really been happy with so up until now they haven't been published. They are exclusively available here and will not be going up on my Flickr account. Hope you enjoy them.

<3 Terri

Up and Coming News

Hi all,

Well what's new? There are a few things being talked about, shoots with other stars, you hopefully already saw the Volleyball shoot with Partee, and I have some others lined up with some of the hottest Stars on SL. I will let you all know more about those when they are closer to happening.

Volleyball is close to being the most favoured of all my images, and I'll post a making of it in the next few days.

The biggest news is that I'm nearly at 100 followers on Flickr which is certainly a huge milestone for me. :) To celebrate this, I have a few things planned, though I'm not releasing these until the 100 is hit, so do keep on watching and giving me those favs, and if you aren't following me yet and you want to, click the follow button, it's not that hard. :)

<3 Terri

Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Yay! and a few behind the scenes

Okay it's been a few days since I posted so....

First some Yays... I finally got over 500 views on a number of photos, one is even over 700  at the time of writing so thanks to you all for the views. :) Also I'm getting close to a 100 followers, so fingers crossed. Finally I got my photos on The Sexiest Of The Day, yay. First up was my Tacos Monday Ass, and then Topless Tuesday. Here's an additional Monday shot, and the untouched Tuesday one which I haven't posted on Flickr.

Shot at Porn*Stars Plaza Beach

Shot at Ancient Egypt/Amarna

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and saving the Tatas is quiet important to us as Breasts are part of our Tools of trade. While this ones are virtual and so can't get cancer, Breast Cancer is something that has touched the lives of virtually every person on the planet including myself, with my partner's mother having has it twice, and the death of a good family friend many years ago. While my eventual posting for Breast Cancer awareness has garnered the most likes I have at the moment on a single image, it wasn't the first I took. This one was a good shot, I just didn't like the way it was turning out during editing, and then I had the idea for the fighting pose. I hope you like this first shot and remember to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Shot at Katu's Korner Photo Studio

<3 Terri

Friday, 9 October 2015

Finding Paradise

So for most of the shots I do myself, I just do a search in the directory and see if a place strikes me as a good place, then I go and check it out, and if I find a place I like, I take some shots. For this Album I located a great little beach club, FlozZ World: Fantasy Island Nude Beach & Dance Club and by the pool I was about to get some shots in. I played with WindLight settings and got some nice looking shots, though in the end I processed them and I think they came out better. There are the unprocessed shots, the final versions can be found in my Flickr Album, Paradise Found.

<3 Terri

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Odds and Ends

Doing a lot of shoots, often just to see if a picture turns out well means that there are a lot of images that just don't make the final cut of my Flickr Albums. I thought I'd post a selection of images that never made it for various reasons from eyes being closed, to just not looking right, because of object cropping issues, or just because I didn't think they were good enough to post.


<3 Terri

Monday, 5 October 2015

Reflecting on The Furture

A new set. I was working with the reflection is water and seeing what I could do. I hope you like these.

Set was taken at FlozZ World: Fantasy Island Beach & Dance Resort and the full Album is available on my Flickr.

<3 Terri

Here are a few that didn't make the Flickr Release because I didn't like the reflections as much.