Wednesday, 11 November 2015

All of a Sudden...

Wow what a week....

So, in case you missed it, Terri has been really busy over the last little while. First some photo shoots with Carter Holloway and then over the last week things have really been heating up.

If you have sharp eyes then you'll get catch Terri as she services two men in the Bath house in Dogstar's epic Empire video when it comes out.

Before that however, Terri is starring in her first lead role in a Dogstar short that will hopefully be released in a week or so, so keep your eyes open for that, I'll provide a link to it, if not embed it when it is released. I got to play a girlfriend to Mike Weiz, a new comer to the Porn industry.

I have also done a shoot for December's Brit-X Magazine, and have a shoot for Aroused Magazine coming up also, so watch out for both of those as well.

As always there are holidays about and I will be starring in Erin's Meow Productions' Girls' Thanksgiving, so that should be a lot of fun and another one to watch for. :)

I also have my daily shots coming out, and will be featuring a few more Duos, and of course there will be more Playing Cards coming.

All in all it's been busy, one of the reason I have been slow to post again, but I do have some more posts coming over the next little while, and watch the followers ticking up on Flickr. I have a special Announcement when the counter hits 200 so if you aren't following yet, might be time to. ;)

Until next time, here are a few shots of Mike and me in our new Dogstar Productions film...


<3 Terri

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