Saturday, 14 November 2015

Gingersnap and Brit-X 8

Hi all,

So a few things. It was actually the November issue of Brit-X, which in on stands and in the Marketplace now. Do get a copy, it's totally Free and you'll get some really nice posters, including one of me!

I do still have the Aroused shoot coming up in the next few says. It was supposed to be my first one, but due to it taking a little while to get arranged and the speed of the Brit-X shoot coming out, it obviously won't be, but still when it does come out be sure to check it out, it's going to be something quite different to what you've seen me do in pictures before. I'm really looking forward to it and huge thanks to Kat and Marika for the opportunity to appear in their magazine.

Finally, Dogstar Productions released Gingersnap today, and while I admit I am a little biased, it is truly awesome, so thanks to Isa for her hard work in scripting, directing, editing, and pretty much doing everything that Mike and I didn't have to. Yay....

Here it is, my first lead role, Gingersnap


<3 Terri

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