Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hi All,

Well, what can I say about this, so much has happened, so thanks for all the support.

In the last few weeks Terri has appeared in Brit-X #8, had a photo shoot for Aroused (keep an eye out for that one) Starred in her first XXX movie and now is hitting some awesome milestones on her Flickr (50+ Favs on an Image, ten 1000+ views, over 75K in total views), and it's all because of you and your support!

So here are the stats. :)

Posted Images: 165

Image Views: 76,337
Album Views: 389
Total Views: 76,726

1,100+ : 7
1,000 - 1099: 3
900 - 999: 6
800 - 899: 14
700 - 799: 18
600 - 699: 13
500 - 599: 13

Total Favs: 2,473

Most Favs: 54
Image: Totally Floored

Most Views: 1,170
Image: Passing the Flame

Followers: 207

Thanks again for all the Support!

For the Support Here are some of the pictures that never made it to my Flicker, I hope you enjoy them. :) And please remember about the Competition, You could win an exclusive photo shoot with Terri, and all you have to do is click here and join her fan club in Second Life. :)


<3 Terri

Cute one of Adele and Terri dancing on the beach at Club Yana

Not the best photo for Besties, looks like Adele is giving Terri the shove....

Showing off her butt by the pool at Women 4 Women in Chattillion

One of several face shots I have tried, but none have been good enough to post 
Firestarter was the companion shot to Girl On Fire. After a lot of thought, I didn't post it because I'm trying to keep my single shots different, and this was too close in style.

A nice one of Donna and Terri, but the framing just felt off. 
Another one from the Donna and Terri shoot, Clipping issues and just the general overview saw me drop it from the final ones.

So yes, in the shoot Donna did get to enjoy herself too, however with clipping issues, and the overall feel of the image, it didn't make it into the final ones.
A test shot that done at U.F.O Abduction, the SexXxperience

Closer in shot of Jezzi and Terri on the town, this pose was created for the shot.

Jezzi and Terri from a different angle.

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