Friday, 27 November 2015

What is up with Terri?

Yes I have been a bit quiet for a few days, though mostly because things have been a little busy. Shooting is all but done for the Card Deck with just a single shoot left, and there has been a lot of interest in a second. I have also had shoots with Traci, and also a yet to be published one with Paige, for whom I also did her first shoot.

On top of that there have been shoots for Carter Holloway, Dokie (yes, she's back), BeeQueen, and Carla Draesia.

Your support still continues to overwhelm with 29 photos now over the 1k view mark and the highest being over 1.5k, and I'm getting close to having 100 photos over 500 views. I'm stunned that over a thousand people are now regularly viewing my work, and that 229 of you are following everything I do. Yay, and thank you do much. Remember that if you are in my fan club group on Second Life when the 250th person follows my Flickr account, you could be the one that will win an exclusive photo shoot with me that you get to control. Don't miss out on that chance.

If you missed my movie, Gingersnap, or even if you didn't, check out this review by Katina Cazalet.

And if you didn't see that it's out, check out my photo spread by Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet in the latest issue of Aroused #33

Here are some more out take photos for you to enjoy.

<3 Terri

I liked this one, but decided that I'd go with the closer shot in the end.
The shoot was done at Naxaras, Ireth Calanor 

Another shot from Club Yana's Beach Party. An okay shot, but Adele's arm ended up in a poor position

I wasn't overly pleased with how this shot at turned out, I would have liked a bit more control, but in the end had to use sex animations to try and show despair. Taken at Hidden Forest - Gorean Sim

This was the test shoot for the Cleaning Up final shot

I did start doing this shot on location at the New Kingdom of Kalina ar' Mori, but with a fast object return, I ended up doing the final shot in the studio

Another Face Shot I haven't released even though I liked it,

Another of the Archway shots done at Skye Falls

A test shot of Traci and Terri while trying to get the pose sorted out right

The original plan for this first Christmas shot, but then decided to go fully naked

One of many shots trying to get the shift, butt, hand, and cape all in the right place. I actually has to take this one high above the Rhodenwald Adult Sandbox because...

Terri was really saving a full sized 474!

Test shot for Being Me Challenge

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